Decarabia in SMT

Decarabia in SMT

Medieval people believed that the events around them were caused by supernatural beings. Who could blame them? They had no scientific knowledge of how the world worked. They didn’t know why the rivers would overflow, destroying their homes, why bitter winter would come and kill off all of their crops.

They believed those occurrences to happen due to one (or all) of these three reasons:

  1. An unfortunate arrangement of the stars (astrology)
  2. God’s Wrath (for God was usually wrathful and displeased with Humanity)
  3. Demons (Satan’s influence on the impious and unfaithful)

As this blog is called “demonizing”, one would expect demonic content, no? To begin with, let’s start with Decarabia, who takes the form of a pentagram, a commonly-used demonic symbol.

Ah, Decarabia. One of the demons from the Ars Goetia, he is a Great Marquis of Hell and takes the form of a pentagram.

Traditionally, Decarabia is drawn as a man-like demon with his body contorted as to appear like a pentagram star (as seen in the header image).

In the SMT (Shin Megami Tensei) series by ATLUS, Decarabia appears as a starfish with one eye in the center. 548_-_decarabia

It’s quite cute, isn’t it?

While the cute starfish look probably isn’t what most people think of when they hear Decarabia (assuming they recognize the name at all), it’s actually somewhat fitting. A starfish, like a pentagram, has 5 points, so SMT’s Decarabia still follows the same basic concept of the actual demon it’s based off of.

*Header image:


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