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Lucifer sketch


A sketch of Lucifer that I had drawn and posted onto the class’ Facebook page. I didn’t mention it on there, but this depiction of Lucifer is based off of Kaneko’s Lucifer, which appears in SMT.

The image was drawn in my sketchbook, which is 8 x 11.5 inches – the same size as standard copy paper.

Our professor loves to blame everything that goes wrong in this class on Satan. Clicker out of battery? Must be the work of Satan. Can’t get the video to play? Must be because of Satan. Personally, I think she’s a little too hard on Satan. After all, it might be divine punishment, not the devil’s meddling.

While I joke about this sort of thing (and I do hope the professor is joking as well), this was reality for medieval people. They truly believed that the supernatural was intertwined with their daily lives, as they didn’t have any scientific explanations for phenomena. Thus, for example, if your children got sick and died, it wasn’t due to lack of hygiene or bad nutrition. It was either God’s punishment or the influence of demons. In this way, our society’s sarcastic phrase “thanks Satan” is something that’s stayed with us for centuries.